SMART Data Storage & Information Management

1-SMART  Physical Data Storage

  • Improved Profitability
  • Cost Reduction
  • Volume Reduction

2-Digital Online Storage

  • Store and Query data Online/Web access
  • immediately access and exploit it as required

3-Information Data management

  • Physical Data Management
    • Tape Transcription
    • Well Log Data Management
    • Seismic Scanning
    • Document Imaging & Scanning
  • Corporate/Country Data Management
    • National & Corporate Data Centers
      • Ease of Access
      • Enhanced Usability
      • Max Value
      • Efficiency
      • Conservation
      • E&P Risk decline
  • Offsite Data Management
    • Data Loading/Management
    • Data Consolidation
    • Data Migration
    • In Country capability with Disaster Recovery State of the Art Location and Digital IT Capabilities (Oman, Egypt, Qatar, Pakistan, MENA Countries)

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