Integrated Reservoir Studies

TPS has one of the most experienced subsurface teams in the industry. We have a large number of subsurface professionals delivering best in class technical solutions as part of large scale integrated development, or smaller stand alone projects across the world.
TPS Professionals are expertise in:

Integrated Reservoir Studies

  • Integrated Studies Management
  • Integrated Characterization Management

Reservoir Characterization

  • Sand Deposition Geoligal Modeling
  • Fracture Characterization
  • Vertical/Horizontal Connectivity
  • Matrix/Fracture Porosity

Reservoir Engineering

  • PVT Phase Behavior
  • Well Test Analysis
  • Production Analysis
  • Standard/Compositional Material Balance

Reservoir Simulation

  • Various Reservoir Simulation Options
  • Gas Storage Reservoir Modeling
  • Depleted Oil & Gas Fields
  • Clastic & Carbonate Reservoirs


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