Geophysical Services

Over many years, TPS has built a strong reputation for seismic processing, interpretation and modeling capability in geophysical projects. Our clients benefit from our in-house peer review process, which ensures consistently high quality service. Our analytical approach uses contemporary 2D/3D/4D interpretation and mapping techniques, combined with more advanced multivolume techniques where appropriate, according to our customers’ requirements. We relate the seismic trace to local and regional geology, incorporate rock properties, apply our wide range of experience, and use leading-edge software to give a complete seismic assessment. TPS projects encompass everything from frontier basin exploration geophysics to field development geophysics.
Seismic Data Digitization, Vectorization and Processing
TPS and it Seismic partner offers both seismic processing and scanning. We provide  complementary services such as seismic data and well-log scan-vectorization. This gives clients full service and allows clients to use the same software for post-stack scanning processing as they have for the main processing project.
We can provide 3D and 2D seismic data processing services, PSDM & reservoir characterisation as well as other complementary.
Geologically-sound geophysical interpretation is our primary aim. Our geoscientists work together as an integrated team to evaluate all the data, using evidence gathered from seismic, logs and tests to construct robust, regionally-consistent local models in a data-driven approach.
At the same time, we are always thinking about rock properties and rock physics because the seismic trace itself is a direct signature of these. Subtle variations in amplitude or other seismic attributes may be mappable and may correlate with fluid content, sand content, porosity or other basic rock properties. We have staff skilled in AVO and Inversion, and advanced methods.
Gravity & Magnetic Expertise
Potential fields (gravity and magnetic) have historically been used in the exploration phase. Recent innovations such as gradiometry have led to higher resolution and greater applicability to field appraisal. TPS is experienced in the planning and interpretation of such surveys and their integration with seismic interpretation.


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