TPS exploration team has a strong focus on the analysis, synthesis and interpretation of exploration data, particularly as it is related to the definition and assessment of orebodies. TPS expertise includes management of exploration programmes, including large deep drilling projects, sampling quality protocol design and audit, detailed assessment of multi-element geochemical data employing the most advanced software tools, and the collation and synthesis of information using GIS methods.

Geology and orebody services provided include:

  • Project generation
  • Design and management of surface exploration programmes
  • Management of deep drilling programmes
  • Detailed open pit and underground mapping
  • Data acquisition and validation
  • Assessment of optimum drill hole spacing
  • Structural analysis of ore deposits
  • Geological interpretation

Orebody modeling using state-of-the-art computer methods

  • Wireframe modelling
  • Orebody visualisation
  • Geology and geophysics services provided include:
  • Orebody identification and delineation
  • Geophysical data (surface and U/G) analysis and interpretation
  • Geochemical and mineralogical investigation
  • Definition and assessment of geotechnical zones
  • Paleo-environment interpretation
  • Grade prediction

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